Enabling Synergies between Organized Enterprising People (ES-OP) II is a 5 year programme that receives support from Belgium Director General Development (GDG) targeting an outreach of 85,000 entrepreneurs in Micro, Small and Medium Industries. The 2017 – 2021 programme is supporting small scale entrepreneurs especially poor people, women and young people have a sustainably improved livelihood incomes.

ES-OP II is being coordinated by TRIAS Uganda and implemented by Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) in the districts of West Nile Region (Arua, Nebbi and Zombo) and Bunyoro Region ( Hoima and Masindi).

The objectives of ES-OP II Programme:

  1. USSIA provides decentralized services to its members, leading to sustainable growth-oriented enterprises that have better access to markets.
  2. USSIA provides more women friendly services through a responsive women desk, economically empowering women with formalized women owned businesses and more women in male dominated enterprises.
  3. More youth actively participating in decision making at all levels, accessing youth targeted services leading to increase youth membership and youth operated enterprises.
  4. USSIA is a financial sustainable organization with efficient and effective internal control systems, increased internally generated funds and a diversified funding portfolio.
  5. USSIA is recognized as the leading agency in private sector with strong capacity in Lobbying and Advocacy issues and being a strong actor in skills development in Uganda.

Under the four core capacities (Diversity, Financial Sustainability, Integrated Service to its members and Networking), the Programme seeks to achieve the following results:

  1. Empowered poor women and youth proactively participate in their Membership Based Organization or in democratic, open and mixed MBOs, acting towards a more inclusive society.
  2. USSIA has effectively improved their internal organization and organizational sustainability.
  3. USSIA and their strategic public and private partners facilitate integrated quality services to ensure better participation in markets, especially of poor people, women and young people.
  4. USSIA join in coordination, dialogue and collaboration with other actors towards a more inclusive society.