Overall Objective: The Ugandan economy is increasingly equipped with skilled manpower.

Project Objective: Vocational training and further training activities of NVTI, USSIA and UMA increasingly meet the needs of Ugandan economy.

Project Duration (2015-2021).

The assigned project partners are Nakawa Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), Ugandan Small Scale Industries (USSIA), Ugandan Manufacturer Association and the German Handwerkskammer zu Köln (HWK) or Chamber for Skilled Craftsmen and Small Businesses of Cologne.

These partners work together on a mission- to provide Uganda´s labor market with more qualified personal. One way to achieve this is to link training institutions with industries to adjust the training courses to the demands of the markets and to improve the qualifications of instructors and trainers. After achieving this, the institutions will be better equipped to deliver for market requirements. A number of measures- as mentioned in the bulletins 1 and 2, did contribute to achieve some goals in that line. Yet, those activities are now expected to be owned by our partners while we expand to wider goals in phase 2. Also, besides consolidating the project achievements, we shall upscale to other regions. We also shall encourage the private sector to more active participation in the reforming processes of TVET.