The Uganda Small Scale Industries Association is currently organizing the 6th edition of the SME & Cottage Industry Fair which will be held at the UMA show grounds, from 16th to 19th August 2018. This activity aims at stimulating the growth of small and medium enterprises with a focus on value addition. The activity is expected to bring together all national development organizations engaged in carrying out economic improvement activities and programs Uganda. The event will also bring together financial Institutions such as Banks, Government Development Programs and those institutions offering Business Development Services.

The theme of this event is “Strengthen MSMEs through access to Financial Services”. As SME get to become big and stronger they would want to access bigger markets and need finance to get there we are at USSIA believe you are a viable partner in this and hence welcomes you to this fair

The event is expected to attract an attendance of over 10,000 participants, attendees, industrialists and the business community as a whole. The event will also provide opportunity for easy and convenient access to business information, capacity building and networking for people engaged in Small Scale Industries activities. Demonstrations of these Small Scale Industry activities and business trainings will be showcased at the event hence educating people on how they can improve and manage their businesses.

The Trade Fair will enable you, inter-alia, to:

  • Test and launch new products.
  • Display, market and sell your products and services.
  • Network with SMEs as well as develop linkages with large enterprises.
  • Acquire vital information for the growth of your business.
  • Engage in B2B activities.

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