• To provide a forum for full and free discussion of all matters connected with the setting up and operations of small scale and cottage industries in Uganda.
  • To promote and encourage industries developments and the interest of small scale and cottage industries in the country.
  • To encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards of business among its Members’.
  • To act as a go-between the Government and small scale and cottage industries and in particular make representation to the Government of Uganda and to other authorities or bodies on matters affecting the interests and objects of the Association and of its members.
  • Where possible to assist members in the purchase and importation of goods and materials required for their industries.
  • Where possible to assist members in securing finance required for the operation of their industries.
  • To promote the export of the products of members industries.
  • To promote and encourage market and other surveys and the collections and dissemination amongst its members of statistical and other information and advice on all matters concerning their interests.

To purchase, take on lease or exchange, hire or otherwise acquire real or personal property and rights or privileges in any part of the world which the Association may think necessary or for the promotion of its objects and to construct, maintain and alter