The Executive Director
Uganda small scale industries association (USSIA)
P.O. Box 7725 Kampala- Uganda

Dear sir/Madam,

RE: Application for membership

We/I hereby apply for membership of the Uganda Small Scale Industries Association. All parts of this form are duly completed. Originals of certificates of incorporation/ Registration can be accessed by USSIA upon request. The application fees submitted together with this form.
We recognize that membership will be become effective upon full payment of the annual subscription fee, which will be processed upon receipt of an invoice / Demand Note of the Association

PLEASE COMPLETE IN BLOCK LETTERS; Incase space is insufficient attach an additional sheet.

PART A1 – Company Address and location


PART A3 – Contact person for USSIA; if different from A2 PLEASE COMPLETE IN BLOCK LETTERS

Statistical Data shall be treated strictly confidential and NOT made available to third parties.

Trade fairs


Data will be used for USSIA publications (membership Directory. Buyers Guide Website: etc)
Your company will be listed an alphabetical order with full details of A1 C2 AND C3 under the general listing. Company’s name will also be listed under respective sectors in appropriate sector listing. If you require further information, please contact the USSIA Secretariat.
C1 – Please select the sector(s) of your company’s main business activity if more than one applies, Tick up to three major areas.Please don’t tick more than (3) three.

Manufacturing of;

Supportive Service Enterprises;

What your Company expects to benefit from USSIA membership: