5th Microfinance and SME fair 2017


The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU) and Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) held the first ever Expo bringing together the microfinance and SME sectors. The theme for the expo is Enhancing wealth creation‘Buy Uganda Build Uganda’, through access to financial services.

The event brought together Uganda’s microfinance institutions and the small and medium business entrepreneurs who showcased their latest finance and business products. It ran from 10th to 13th August 2017 at UMA conference hall and UMA gardens Lugogo, Kampala.

It was the first nationally coordinated campaign being adopted by a number of financial and business institutions across the country. We therefore call upon all stakeholders to get involved.

AMFIU and USSIA have unique potential to raise incomes and create many jobs for both the skilled and unskilled business entrepreneurs and employees.

Large business entrepreneurs and corporate companies operate under complex and bulky marketing budgets and spend a great deal on promoting their products and services. Small and medium businesses won’t have such resources but can still successfully promote their products and services on merger budgets by participating in trade shows and making meaningful use of business promotional materials.

Small and medium business entrepreneurs need to be more creative and focused to compete favorably with giant business players on the market.

To remain competitive and relevant, businesses need to change and quickly adapt the market dynamics.

AMFIU and USSIA will continue to work towards strengthening networks to create avenues for sustainable economic ventures.

Building synergies around partnerships enables the individual members and the business institutions to have a strong voice to influence different stakeholders for improved service delivery, reduce duplication and increase efficiency in the financial sector.





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