Success Stories

A Tailor's story

Mrs. Kajolina viola is a member of Uganda Small Scale Industries Association form Kabarole zone who is a retired banker by profession. After her retirement she started a small scale business in textiles and garments where she was manufacturing uniforms and sweaters. Her start was not easy because she experienced low production, poor markets and low income. After joining Uganda Small Scale Industries Association, she got skills upgrading trainings in Textiles and Garments which helped her improve on quality of her school uniforms and sweaters, her markets were expanded through exposure to exhibitions. She is now the best school uniform and sweater knitter in Kabarole District.


A Baker's story

Mr. Habib Ibrahim member of Bukonzo zone attended a Bakery training sponsored by USSIA-HWK partnership .Habib previously concentrated on bread making and through this training, he was equipped with skills to make cakes, doughnuts and queen cakes that have increased his sales turnover. He is currently supplies in Bwera, Kasese, and kamwenge Towns. He also exports to Congo ‘’Am proud of being a USSIA member because it has helped me exploit my opportunities to the fullest” says Ibrahim                     


A Pharmacists story

Mr. Mwesigye George William and Anna Mwesigye who are members of Uganda small scale industries association from Luwero zone who own Wilan products of pharmaceuticals . They started their business in 2010 and after along struggle in finding the markets for their products, they decided to join Uganda small scale industries association (USSIA) in 2010. After joining Uganda small scale industries association, their organization went through allot of transformation in terms of product quality improvement and marketability of their products. They were introduced to national and international markets, attended workshops on how to improve their products. They later diversified into hand crafts where they specialize in making and designing a variety of cards.




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