Organization Structure

Organizational Structure of USSIA

Advisory Committee:

  1. Mr. Daniel Ssubi Musiitwa
  2. Mr. David Bukalamye
  3. Mr. James Kalibbala
  4. Mr. Joseph Wasswa Kanakulya Banga

National Executive Committee:

Name                                Position                                           Enterprise Name

  • Mrs. Eunice Wekesa         -  National Chairperson                                                               Wes Enterprises
  • Mr. Bachu Mubarrak            - National Vice Chairperson
  • Mr. Peter Kasirye               -   National Treasurer                                                                    Kaper Foods Enterprises
  • Mrs. Anna Ntwirenabo       -  National Chairperson Women’s Desk
  • Mrs. Rehema Kirunda     -    National Vice Chairperson Women’s Desk
  • Mr.   Sulait Tembo                - NEC Member – western Regional Representative
  • Mrs. Henry Kazibwe           -  NEC Member – Central Regional Representative
  • Mr.  Fredrick Kimbareeba -  NEC Member -  South West Regional Representative
  • Mrs. Madrine Kabanda       - NEC Member -   Eastern Regional Representative
  • Mr. Santos Dwoka              -  NEC Member -    Northern Regional Representative
  • Mr. Alfred Egulau                -  NEC Member -    Mid North Regional Representative
  • Mr. Wilson Luberenga       -   NEC Member -   Mid Western Regional Representative     VetCare Enterprises

 USSIA Secretariat

The Secretariat is the implementing arm of USSIA. Its headed by the Executive Director, with two main sections of Membership Development and Service Delivery. USSIA has a 1 year partnership extension (2015-2016) with HWK (Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses, Cologne – Germany)

 USSIA  Administration;

  • Ms. Veronica Namwanje (Acting Executive Director)      Tel: 0774130454        Email:
  • Mr. John Walugembe (Executive Director)         Tel: 0774147864                       Email: /
  • Ms. Hawa Namukasa (Front Desk Officer )                                                            Email:
  • Mr. Abdullah Mwanje (Office Attendant )                                                                   Email:

Membership Department;

  • Mr. Jooga Kawule (Head Membership Department)                


             Tel: 0752122965

            Regional Membership Assistants

  • Mr. Patrick Kahwa (South western regional Office)


              Tel: 0772572283

  • Mr Charles Waigumba (Easten Regional Office)


              Tel: 0777885606

  • Mr Russell Odokonyero (Northen Regional Office)


              Tel: 0774408638

  • Mr Victor Lumori (West Nile Regional Office)


              Tel: 0784250651

  • Mr Christopher Tusiime (Mbarara Regional Office)


              Tel: 0773233412

  • Simon Muhumuza (Hoima Regional Office)


               Tel: 0777827995

Service Delivery Department;

  • Ms. Veronica Namwanje (Head Service Delivery Department)                                      


 Finance and Accounts;

  • Mr. Gaviira Busuulwa (Accountant)                                                                 


  • Hindra Nabukeera (Accounts Assistant)


 Grants & Partnership;

  • Mr. Andrew walusimbi (Program Coordinator)                                                          


  • Mr. Ivan masembe (Project Assistant-TRIAS)                                        



  • Mr. Joseph Ssekandi (Head Policy & advocacy)










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